Frequently asked questions

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What does The Health Standard provide?

Our website delivers hyperlocal health news tailored to your specific county, city and neighborhood.

Read articles, watch videos, and listen to experts talk about health relevant to your community.

How do I find news for my location?

Simply search for your county name in the search bar on our homepage.

Can I get health news sent directly to my inbox?

Yes! Sign up for our newsletter by clicking “Join Newsletter.” Fill out the questionnaire and we’ll start sending you customized and localized health insights.

What if I can’t find my city on your site?

Not a problem. Sign up for our newsletter anyway and we will build a page for your city and include it in our newsletter edition.

Who writes and curates your health content?

Our team of doctors, health experts, and journalists provide localized health articles you can trust.

How does your information help me?

Our personalized health news gives you need-to-know insights so you can make informed decisions and take charge of your well-being.

Our personalized health news gives you need-to-know insights about topics like:

  • Local disease outbreaks and risks
  • Nutrition tips relevant to ingredients in your area
  • Preventative screenings recommended for your demographics
  • Exercise programs offered in your neighborhood
  • Healthy living challenges and trends in your city
  • Doctors accepting patients near you
  • Support groups for conditions you or loved ones face
  • And more...

Our hyperlocal health reporting allows you to take actionable steps toward wellness and health.