The Health Standard Fellows

The Health Standard Fellows directly improve health literacy and health equity for underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized communities globally.

The fellowship includes a comprehensive health equity seminar, where the physicians and healthcare professionals will learn about the social determinants of health and the ways in which they can address health disparities within their communities. The fellows will also participate in health equity outreach, where they will work closely with local organizations and community leaders to identify and address specific health needs.

Our fellowship is a 3-month offsite & remote program that brings together a group of highly-skilled physicians and healthcare professionals to deliver measurable results.

The Fellows will learn & utilize The Health Standard (THS) unique style of commenting on the day’s health news of providing quick & actionable medical insights in a cogent manner.

THS’ unique evidence proven communications format has a direct and broad impact upon the health literacy and health equity of people on daily basis.

  • Transformative communication with local impact The Health Standard Fellows will become active and direct communicators.
  • Leveraging social media for optimal impact The Health Standard Fellows will master multimedia (audio/video) for effective story telling.

The Art


The Health Standard Fellows will utilize a the THS process to bridge the gap between the public and the medical community by providing accurate and accessible information about health and medicine.

Upon completion of the Fellowship, our Health Standard Fellows will be equipped to become authoritative leaders in the health equity space.

Regular interactions with our expert panel & participation in the capstone health equity seminars will equip our fellows to play an active role in improving the trajectory of health equity.

  • Learn from experts
  • Real world solutions
  • Theory into practice
  • Effective communication
  • Social media expertise

The Craft

Leveraging Social Media

Upon completion of the Fellowship, The Health Standard Fellows will be equipped to manage their social communication goals.

Regular interactions with our expert team of audio and visual professionals will guide the fellow’s understanding of how to create multimedia social content.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Audio & Video storytelling
  • Utilizing audio and video effectively
  • Theory into practice
  • Managing their home & mobile studios
  • Effective story telling

Global Impact
Global Impact.

Outcome Objectives

The Health Standard Fellowship is open to physicians and doctoral level health care professionals, who are passionate about improving health literacy and health equity.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive fellowship, and welcome applicants from all backgrounds and experiences.

By the end of the fellowship, The Health Standard Fellows should comfortable in:

  • Influencing the trajectory of health equity across America.
  • Establishing themselves as Health Equity and Health Literacy thought-leaders.
  • Educating their peers on the latest from the world of Health Literacy and Healthy Equity.
  • Bringing awareness to local health by utilizing public databases for better evidence based patient communication strategies.
  • Establishing themselves to be well versed in the tenets of the Quadruple Aim and value based care.
  • Proficiently utilizing quality indicators such as AHRQ/HEDIS & NCQA/HEDIS & CMS Framework for Health Equity 2032.
  • Proficiently utilizing social media and content dissemination as an extension of their craft to further the objectives of a just and equity based information matrix.
  • Proficiently managing their home/mobile studios as a vehicle in disseminating healthy equity and literacy globally.

Sessions run continuously. Once we receive your application it, we'll be in touch.