Oconee County Residents: THC Lingers in Breastmilk for Days. Doctor Explains

Cover Image: Oconee County Residents: THC Lingers in Breastmilk for Days. Doctor Explains

In this article, Dr. Adriana Davis, Family Medicine, shares her expert insights of the findings and provides Georgia residents with evidence-based recommendations for protecting their health.

Why This Matters to You

New research reveals that THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, is present in the breastmilk of mothers who use the marijuana.

What This Means for Your Health

"The issue is that the effects of THC on infants remain unknown!" Dr. Adriana Davis, Family Medicine

Doctor's Expert Insights About THC and Your Child's Health in Oconee County, Georgia

Know this: "THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, accumulates in breastmilk and can potentially expose infants to cannabinoids. Even though the amount of THC detected in breastmilk is low compared to common low-dose edibles, the effects of THC on infants are unknown.

Unlike alcohol, there is no consistent time when THC concentration in breastmilk peaks and declines. And this makes it difficult for mothers to time their cannabis use around breastfeeding. The best thing would be to abstain, like you do with alcohol. Now it's clear that some breastfeeding mothers are use cannabis for therapeutic purposes--but you should know that there is a huge gap on research and knowledge on THC's impact on infants.

So, abstinence is key. This applies to every pregnant and or breastfeeding mother in Georgia." Dr. Adriana Davis, Family Medicine.

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Actionable Steps: What You Can Do Next

If you live in Oconee County and are using cannabis while breastfeeding, discuss your cannabis use with your healthcare provider to assess potential risks and benefits. Be aware that THC can accumulate in breastmilk and may be consumed by your infant. There is no such thing as "timing your use" around breastfeeding sessions.

You should also Consider alternative treatments for managing your anxiety and mental health issues. Talking to your doctor or healthcare team would be ideal.

Next Steps: Take the PHQ-9 survey and discuss your results with your healthcare team--it can help guide your conversation about addiction and depression. (Take the Test Here)

Finally: If you live anywhere in Oconee County, Georgia, you can call 988 and talk to a mental health professional.

Health News Today: A new study shows that THC appears in mom's breast milk.

The Science Made Simple: Key Findings and What They Mean for Oconee County Residents

Baseline THC Levels:

Even after abstaining from cannabis for at least 12 hours, THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, was detectable in the breast milk of all study participants. Mothers who use cannabis more frequently have higher baseline THC levels in their milk.

Repeated Cannabis Use:

Mothers who use cannabis multiple times throughout the day exhibit higher and continually increasing THC levels in their milk.

Estimated Infant THC Exposure:

The average estimated daily THC intake for infants is below the levels known to cause adverse effects. However, 75% of the infants in the study may consume more than a very small amount of THC that has been demonstrated to have slight impacts on memory and learning in infant rodents.

Implications for Breastfeeding:

The study demonstrates that infants receive a measurable quantity of THC through breastfeeding, even when their mothers abstain from cannabis for 12 hours. There is no definite time frame for mothers to breastfeed after using cannabis to completely avoid exposing their infants to some level of THC.

Need for Additional Research:

Further studies are necessary to determine if regular exposure to small doses of THC has any effects on infant development. Guidelines for breastfeeding mothers who use cannabis should be established--taking into account the frequency of use and the concentration of THC in their milk over time.


This study provides valuable insights into the presence and persistence of THC in breast milk when breastfeeding mothers use cannabis independently. The findings emphasize the need for clear guidance regarding cannabis use while breastfeeding and highlight the importance of additional research to comprehend the potential effects of THC exposure on infant health and development.

Medical News Today: What This Means for Your Health in Oconee County, Georgia

The Bottom Line: Breastfeeding parents should be aware that THC intake can lead to direct exposure for their infant. And, currently, we don't know the effects of THC on children's growth and health.

"Breastfeeding parents need to be aware that if they use cannabis, their infants are likely consuming cannabinoids via the milk they produce, and we do not know whether this has any effect on the developing infant..." Courtney Meehan, PhD. (Study Editorial)

What They're Saying: "There is an urgent need for clear guidance on cannabis use while breastfeeding. Although breastfeeding mothers have guidelines for managing some substance use, such as waiting 2 hours after consumption of a single drink of alcohol to breastfeed, 25 there are insufficient data about the persistence of cannabinoids in milk after cannabis use to create similar guidelines for cannabis. Current guidance for medical practitioners is to discourage cannabis use during lactation, given the absence of sufficient research. 2,26,27 " (Study Source)

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Health Standard Newswire: The study shows that babies get a noticeable amount of THC from breast milk when their moms use cannabis--even if the moms wait a while before breastfeeding after using cannabis.

Health Facts That Matter: Key Statistics for Oconee County, Georgia

The following health facts impact your physical health directly!

Did you know there were 2500 deaths from drug overdoses in Georgia in 2021?

8.5% of you in Oconee County have asthma.

12.4% of you in Oconee County are smokers.

19.1% of you in Oconee County have depression.

All of these variables above play an important role in the outcomes of your overall health.

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